FlexHubDock: The Port of the Future

Port of Barcelona [IaaC – RS1 – Willy Müller]

Authors: Carolina Aguirre + Xiomara Armijo + Carlo Caltabiano
Professor: Willy Müller (IAAC)
Assistant: Maite Bravo

FlexHubDock envisions Barcelona city 40 years later, with the Port Area as a new Hub not only for commerce/logistics but for people and the city, rethinking it as whole new social layer.

The FlexHubDock is the best example of how Port and City can coexist in harmony. The FHD, as sustainable and self-sufficient system, places the city as the main active participant in its development. A smart shared surface will allow to use the area of the Port of Barcelona as both a Dock for ships and a public Plaza. Depending on the needs of the city for public space and of the activity as dock for ships, the FHD can be totally managed in real time, by embedded sensors and an automatized network system that receives information of space requirements to begin its transition between Plaza and Dock. In a single day the function and shape of the FlexHubDock can change several times and even share functions.

The solution is based on a new concept of shared space. Flexible enough to respond to the different demands of the Port as a Dock and as a new Social and Mobility Hub; it’s able to transform itself according to diverse users that interact as Agents and their needs, by optimizing its space in different time scales by receiving, analyzing and processing different parameters in real-time data.

A Dock is usually associated as in the limits between the city and the water. But the FHD is able to somehow use the water as land, and transform this land into water, giving the city a whole new layer. Spaces can appear.. ..and disappear!

The FHD modular/parametrical system, provides an adaptable additive structure open for future applications in other ports and cities around the world. In this moment, digital technologies allow us to envision and achieve this kind of solution. The FHD project have as main supporters the citizens and aims to offer new possibilities, some perhaps still unimaginable today.

“A dock is always expecting a ship, but this dock does not wait a ship, it performs”.- Willy Müller.

Urban, Architecture, Utopia, Port, Future, Ecocities, Emergent, Selfsufficiency, Parametric, Landscape